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photo.JPGHello from Maxx and his family!!! He's a adorable addition to our home, doing well and growing too fast. My name is Carla and I have taught him how to fetch. He has made a few normal puppy blunders, to be expected and easily forgiven because he is such a cutie.
Hi Stefanie this is Elise.... Maxx is the best dog that you could ever have! Everyone that see that we have him says that he will be my best friend for ever and ever!!!! When it is time to go to bed he will go get on the bed and go right to sleep. But every night before bed he will play and play for like 20 minutes or more. And at 5:30 he gets up and he will try to get me up too.  All, in all he
is the best dog and is the most important thing that I have!!!!!!!!!!


IMG_5245.JPG IMG_5249.JPGHi Stefanie,


Just wanted to let you know the pup, Maya, (we changed the spelling)  is doing really well.  Our other schnauzer Mitzi is having a ball with her and the two of them play and play.  Maya is just what Mitzi needed.  She’s now over 3 pounds, eating well and sleeping through the night.   She has a vet appointment next week for her next shot and checkup.  She’s a little spit fire and doesn’t take any crap from anyone—pretty darn cute

I’ve attached a couple of pics.

 Take care,


IMG_0685.JPGIMG_0688.JPG Hi Stefanie,


Salty is doing much better as far as separation anxiety.  He slept all night last night without a whimper.  He is eating very well, and seems to be A-OK with everything.  I agree, he is very smart - a quick learner...a wonderful little schnauzer.  I prepared his registration papers for filing.  Given his sire and dam's registered names, I drew from their names,, and came up with Salty's registered name....."Sir Salty Canadian Mist!"  I think the name fits him to a tee!


Another apartment tenant also has a puppy, although he's 13 weeks now instead of 9.  In another few weeks, we plan to let them play together.  The neighbor's puppy is quite a bit larger - about the size at 13 weeks that Salty will be at maturity.  I thought it best to wait a few weeks to let them play.


Here are some photos of him.  I'll update you again in another few weeks.


Thanks again....Mary

Hi Stephanie -


Thought you would like to see a couple photos of Salty - one at a recent trip to the beach.


Best wishes.




Alyssa's camera 044.JPGAlyssa's camera 046.JPGAlyssa's camera 047.JPGHi Stefanie,

I thought you might light to see some photos of Sophie at 9 months.  She has a short "summer" cut.  She is a delightful dog and we love her.  She is best buds with our other schnauzer Molly.  Our old schnauzer Jackie has passed on, so it is just the two of them.


     Just wanted to update you on Reagan.  He is the best dog I have ever had.  Very loving and gentle.  We take him everywhere with us, now that he has had all his shots to this point, and we are constantly recieving compliments of how gourgeous of a dog we have.  A few ladies who have pet him, didn't want to give him back.  Thank you for breeding such a wonderful, loving animal.  We are now thinking about a female but we want one that is not related to ours.  Just as a reminder, Matty McFatty was the dam, and his Sire was Sir Frederick Von Quincy.  Our son will be starting 4H in October with Reagan so he may learn how to show.  When we got Reagan's pedigree back from AKC, there were no champs listed, do you have a chart that shows any champions in your lines?  By the way Reagan's full name is Matty McFatty's Sir Reagan Diamond.  Please keep us updated as litters are born that may be outside Regan's lines, so we may start our line when that time comes.  I am attaching a pic so you can see him as he is now.  Thanks again.

richard.jpgThought you might like a picture of Winston  :-)

Severy as a puppy 2010067.jpgSevery as a puppy 2010124.jpgDear Stephanie,

Here are some pictures of Severy on his walk today. We do 2 or 3 miles a day
at this time. He is very fast so the pictures are not that great. Since we
live in the Tongass National Rain Forest we have lots of trails to walk on.
He gets to be off his lease while on the trails.
As Severy has grown he has become more independent. We have lost some ground
in training. He is testing us. We know that in time and with age he will
return to listening again. He still sits, lays down, comes most of the time,
he still fetches but when you say bring it back he comes a running and just
as get gets to you he darts off in another direction. This is a new trick of
his. When he is off the lease he stays close thanks to dog treats and a huge
amount of praise.
CB our cat still loves Severy and as time goes by they get more and more
friendly. They sound like animals twice their size racing through the house
chasing each other. Yesterday they slept cuddled together in front of the
heater. Very cute. They play like litter mates. Severy is now 8 lbs.

Severy discover what salt water was today and I doubt he will every go near
it again. He does however love long walks on the beach. It's his favorite
because of all the smells to explore.
He has only spent a few hours alone since we brought him home and he did
fine. It's hard to tell if he has separation problems since we never leave
him alone. Although he does not cry or whine if we leave a room or go
We have fallen head over heels in love with Severy. He is a smart, friendly
and a very handsome dog. Thanks so much for letting us adopt him.
I will send more pictures as he grows.



As you can see Severy has grown. I have not taken a picture of him after his
last hair cut. I will today and send it along. He is very handsome.
Severy and CB (The cat)are still great buddies and play every day, all day.
Severy wears a shoe string at all times because he gets distracted and will
not always come back when call. CB thinks this is great and loves to play
with the string as Severy runs around. Severy is up to 5 miles a day for
walks. He'd go more but I can't. Neither of us is losing weight..how that
works I do not know.
Today was Vet and shot day again. The Vet said Severy is overweight. We use
treats to train him so that has to stop.
Severy is very smart and has a great sense of humor.
He has learned the words "go Potty" he will squat and not really go potty
just so he can come back in the house where it is warm. This fools my
husband but not me.
He also rings a bell attached to the front door handle to let us know he
needs to go outside. He has his own fenced (unheated) area outside for a
potty room. The dogs and Eagle can't get him there.
He has learned many tricks that we did not teach him, along with teaching us
a few.
He is very well loved and spoiled. Although CB reminds him who really runs
the house when he gets to full of himself.
Severy  still comes to work with me every day and has yet never spent more
than an hour alone. During those times he does great. HE just sleeps and
waits for us to return.
He takes a bath twice a week and his skin has gotten very soft and smooth.
The Vet said to use Alfa Kari shower lotion on him after his bath. We do and
his skin is no longer flaky or itchy.
Severy loves baths. He really loves the hot towels we dry him with. He
snuggles in and sleeps. He has fallen asleep while grooming once also. He
thinks the hair dryer is his personal heater. When he hears me using it on
myself he comes running and sits in front of me as if to say "Hey wait a
minute that is mine" I turn the hair dry on him and sit with the wind
blowing in his face like a dog with his head out the car window. Very cute.


Just sending along a more recent picture of Brutus. He just had SPA Day yesterday & looks so handsome. It's hard to believe so much time has passed already since we came to get him to bring him home. He is doing very well & is a happy dog. Our youngest son is now going on 19 months old & the two of them just play together all the time. They play tug-a-rope & wrestle and even give each other kisses. Brutus is such a Daddy's dog though because he mopes when he's not home, since they play together all the time too. He's also very protective which is great. Hope you enjoy the pictures! Mr. & Mrs. Jason & Nicole Kitchen



I finally got a chance to get some pictures on the computer and wanted to email them to you since you had mentioned them when we spoke.  Brutus is doing GREAT!  He is such a playful, happy and a VERY loving puppy.  My husband actually took these and they came out so cute because Brutus started walking up to the camera.  He is truly a wonderful joy to have as a member of our family.
Nicole Kitchen


Our Christmas Card 2008.jpgJack is doing amazing!  We love him so much.  He is so smart, loving, attached, hungry always, knows what he wants, playable, nosy etc.  We will prob be getting him in to some training just for barking.  Honestly, he doesn't do it a lot, BUT when he does, he does, a lot!  He can go days without barking @ all.  But here and there when he sees a dog, child or person he barks and barks and it sounds so mean (but he doesn't have a mean bone in him).  He is full of energy.  So darling.  I will attach some pictures. We don't have to many new ones.  Any advice for the barking? We really think a squirt bottle would work well, BUT we would ALWAYS have to have it with us and that is hard, you know what I mean?  We love Jack so much.  He has had no problem since his ear infection a while back.  Def. took him a while to get a strong immune system.  He is on really good food and very happy. He loves the dog park. He is amazing and we love him sooooooooooooo much!


Our Wedding was absolutely amazing.  Here are all of the pictures (watch out, there are a lot, ha) 

We got married in 2-14-2009.  Everything was perfect and more than we ever dreamed of!


Talk Soon and ENJOY,

Brittany and Tyler


Photo of the gang and of Mia in her new quilted jacket

Hi Stefanie,
Yes, our little girl is ruling the roost around here!  We already love her to pieces....she brings us such joy!
I would absolutely love it if you would ask your girlfriend about breeding Mia with her adorable...and handsome male!
We'll be keeping in touch!
Barb and Bob

24700_1425680121182_1208146425_31228627_6605292_sdozer7atnHi Stefanie!

Just sending you an updated picture of our proud little man.  :)  

He is adorable as ever! He is a good listener and has been such a joy for us.


I hope you think he looks great!


PICT4607PICT4608Hi Stefanie,

    How are you all doing? I just wanted to send you a picture of my beautiful girl "Lucy". She is the one that I got from you. She is such a good girl and so smart. We really love her. Do you have puppies right now, or does your mom? Well I will talk to you later. Have a great 4th of July.




2008_061200492008_06120051Hi Stefanie,

Sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner.  Lilah is doing great!  Her and Lexi get along so well and we are both thankful for that.  They play until they wear each other out and then they sleep and start the whole process over again.  I think Lexi is loving it.  =)  Matt and I are so happy to have her, she is the sweetest!  Both her and Lexi went to the vet on Monday (16th).  She got her shots that she was due for and the vet said that she is very healthy.  I've been in between jobs and have been off of work since the 5th of June so I have gotten to spend a lot of time with her which is great.  It has definantly helped with potty training even though she has been very good about going outside.  I have to say she is very well behaved for a puppy.  I hope you have a great vacation!  I have attached some pictures please let me know if you get them.  Again thanks for everything!



Hi!  Hope things are going well for you this summer.  Puddin is doing great, and we'll be starting puppy training classes next Tues.  She's pure delight!  I discovered last week that the stores here don't carry Nutra Nuggets, so I switched to a couple of other foods.  She took to them right off with no problems.  My mom thoroughly enjoys her and they should be in pretty good shape by the time I go back to work.

I just mailed some pictures and a thank you ck.  Hopefully the ck will help with expenses, etc.  I gave your name and email to several people.  Thanks again for a wonderful pup.  Take care -Kate

Hi Stefanie….how goes it for you?   Kwinsee is so cool……he is growing up fast now…..looks more like a little dog this week, more  muscled and wiry…..he jumps like a jack-rabbit, loves to run and chase anything, falls asleep in an instant anywhere after playing and eating, and loves everybody.  Still have him under my desk at school and the principal doesn’t know yet….I take him out on my lunch break for about 10 minutes or so….he is so good…..you are such a good dog raiser…..thank you, thank you, thank you…..

Even Buddy the elder is more accepting, who couldn’t kiss a puppy when he kisses you?   Even Buddy kisses back!  I have a front puppy pouch pack so Kwinsee rides in there when I walk Buddy in the morning.  He settles down pretty well.  My sister’s lhasa apso, Piper, even walks faster with her tail wagging the whole way when Kwinsee is there…..

He has brought smiles to so many people.  One of my friend’s husband grew up with mini-Schnauzers (Gretchen and ???, can’t remember the boy dog’s name) and they would love to get a puppy for them and their kids, so…..who knows….I told them all about you…..they have your website……

Stefanie, you will never know what you have done for not just me, but also Kwinsee, by letting him come live with me……

Hope all is well…..and have a good day!! I will try to take pictures of K-dog just so you can see what he’s doing and how he is looking…….

 Ann Meacham


Well she went to the vet today and passed with flying colors.  In fact he wanted to take her home.  He absolutely loved her disposition.  Yeah!!!

Thank you so much for my beautiful lil' Bella.

Have a wonderful day!! 



Toby did well his first night. He cried a little, but not for long. We are having him sleep in the carrier in the kitchen. He and my cat are already friends! They chase each other in the yard. It's really funny to watch. He had his first vet visit yesterday and all is well. The vet said that he is a little bow legged because of a soft left knee, but it's not be a problem. She said that there may be a little arthritis when he gets older. My dad's dog has the same exact left knee thing. He's already going potty outside! He has had a total of 3 accidents since Sunday, but he is doing great! The ride back was easy. We had him in the carrier halfway home and the other half he was in my arms. We had to lay some paper on the ground once for him to go potty. He is my running errands buddy. He rides in the carrier in the car. He waits while I go in the post office, store, gym, or wherever else. When I get back, I make sure to walk him a little on some grass so he can potty and I give him some food and water. I have introduced him to friends, family, neighbors, neighbors dogs, and others. Everybody loves him! I made an appointment for his 2nd round of shots too. I will tell you more soon. Brooke

Toby is great. We are learning to walk on a leach and he is doing pretty good. I don't really need to leash him because he follows right behind me anyway, but he should learn. We are teaching him to sit and to fetch toys. It's a hit or miss, but that's ok. I am going to enroll him in puppy kindergarten probably starting class on July 1st. I think that I will fill out as much paperwork as I can, then send the rest to you. Is that ok? Do you have a fax machine? Gotta go check on Toby. Bye




Everything is going very well.  Machein appears to be a Mother at heart and is very gentle with Tia when they play.  They are playing tug-a-war and chasing outside in the backyard (fenced) when it is not raining.  Tia follows Machein almost everywhere and yesterday she follow her upstairs to the second floor.  She is a great puppy and when she is older will put Machein to a test.  They are great friends and sleep together in the backseat of the cars.


Tia is sleeping through the night from 8 pm to 7 am with not problems.


Thank you, we are all doing well.


Sorry I haven't written as work is very busy.





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